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Hydrologidag 2009

NHF in Denmark has taken a national initiative with annual meetings about hydrology called Hydrologidag (hydrology day in English). The first annual meeting was held the 22nd of October in Odense. The purpose of the national initiative is to establish a forum about hydrology as a science and bridging the gap between scientists and administrators within hydrology.

Hydrologidag 2009 was organized in cooperation with HOBE research center – a large Danish research initiative that was started in 2007 and continues until 2012 with a budget of more than 4 mill. Euros. The HOBE research centre is bringing together 7 multidisciplinary research groups in order to enhance the scientific understanding of large-scale hydrological processes. A hydrological observatory is being established in the Skjern river catchment in Denmark and is bringing into play integrated monitoring, time-lapse measurements, experiments and modelling at a hierarchy of nested temporal and spatial scales within the 1500 km2 catchment region.

In addition to investigating the land surface and the atmosphere exchange processes, the HOBE-scientists are paying particular attention to expanding the knowledge of recharge and groundwater dynamics and how groundwater interacts with surface- and sea water.

The project website is http://www.hobecenter.dk/. Here you also find the presentations from Hydrologidag 2009.