Presentations from the NHC2018


Bakken, Tor Håkon Water footprint of hydropower - are reservoirs consumers or collectors?
Borga, Marco Flash floods: a changing risk in a changing society
Brown, Lee River ecosystem responses to flow modification
Henriksen, Hans Jørgen Transition of National Water Resources model to a National Flood Risk model for Denmark
Hernes, Ragni Rønneberg Evaluating hydrological performance of LID-modules in Mike Urban; a case study of CSO reduction in Grefsen, Oslo
Jjunju, Emmanuel Climate change risk assessment for hydropower: Experience from the Nenskra project in Georgia
Kalvite, Zane The calibration and validation of forest hydrological response unit of conceptual hydrological model METQ
Langridge, Mistaya Challenging the static prediction of time to peak
Li, Hong Water balance of a Nordic urban catchment
Li, Hong Impacts of climate change in a glacierised area without sufficient data
Rosso, Claudia Canedo Drought risk assessment on agriculture in the Bolivian altiplano
Skaugen, Thomas Revival of a tiny hydrological research catchment in south- east Norway- why not measure everything?
Veinbergs, Arturs The application of digital filters and measurements upscale for identification of runoff components for the Berze river
The graphic summaries / mindmaps by Holly McKelvey: