NHC 2016

The XXIX Nordic Hydrological Conference will take place 8-10 August 2016, in Kaunas, Lithuania

The main conference theme ‘THE ROLE OF HYDROLOGY TOWARDS WATER RESOURCES SUSTAINABILITY’ will revolve around the following sub-themes:

  1. Hydrological implications of climate and environmental change.
  2. The role of hydrology on terrestrial ecosystems and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Advanced methods and technology in hydrological modelling.
  4. Agricultural, forest and urban green water management.
  5. Interactions between surface and groundwater.
  6. Hydrology and EU water policy with special focus on water quality and flood risk management.
  7. Water ecology and restoration of disturbed water ecosystems.
  8. Hydropower and the use of water resources (renewable energy sources).

More information is available at the conference web page http://www.lei.lt/nordicwater2016/