NHC 2010

NHF’s XXVI Nordic Hydrological Conference on " Hydrology: From research to water management" was held in Riga, Latvia, 9-11 August 2010.

The Conference lasted three days with the aim to promote the exchange of experiences from hydrological research and practice conducted in different fields in order to compare research priorities, methods, data, knowledge and results of scientists, who are working for a better understanding of hydrological processes and improvement of water resources management. Altogether, 136 participants from 17 countries registered for the Conference.

Conference focused on the following key themes - Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies; Water Management within the Context of European Directives; Hydrological Information System and Developments in Modelling; Measurements and Monitoring; Extremes and Uncertainties; Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions; Cold Climate Hydrology.

The following key persons shared their views:

  • Siegfried Demuth, Chief of the Hydrological Processes and Climate Section at the Division of Water Sciences at UNESCO (UNESCO International Hydrological Programme)
  • Lothar Schüller, Scientific coordinator for its Satellite Application Facility (SAF), EUMESTAT (EUMETSAT and its activities related to Hydrology and Water Management)
  • Rolf Johnsen, Coordinator of the Interreg IVB project “CLIWAT”, Region of Midtjylland, Denmark (The climate change challenge in coastal zones and upstream with special emphasis on groundwater. Collaboration and innovation in society, science and industry is needed.)
  • Esko Kuusisto, Hydrologist and water resources expert, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland (Impacts and adaptation - how vulnerable are we?)



Participants at the Nordic Hydrological Conference 2010

Connected to the conference, the following prizes were awarded:

  • NHF's large prize 2010 to Ageir Petersen-Øverleir NVE, Norway for the following contribution to Hydrology Research: Asgeir Petersen-Øverleir (2008), Fitting depth-discharge relationships in rivers with floodplains, Hydrol. Res.
  • The prize for the best oral presentation at NHC2010 to Jesper Ahlberg and David Gustafsson for “Snowmelt runoff simulations using Ensemble Kalman Filter assimilation of distributed snow data”
  • The prize for the best poster presentation at NHC2010 to PÄ“teris Bethers, Andrejs Timuhins and Uldis Bethers for “Skill assessment of regional climate models: hydrological perspective“

In connection to the conference, General Assembly of NHF was held on August 10. In addition to the statutory items, the first treatment of the changes of the statutes was on the agenda.

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