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As a members' site for the Nordic Association for Hydrology - NHF Vannet i Norden supplies all kind of association notices, especially in connection with the biannual General Assembly of the Association, around which NHF arranges the Nordic Hydrological Conference.


Welcome to the General Assembly 2016

NHF General Assembly is being held every even year in one of the member countries in connection with the Nordic Hydrology Conference. The issues to be attended to the General Assembly are regulated by the statutes. Matters to be included on the agenda of the General Assembly shall be sent to the Board of the Association 30 days before the Assembly at the latest.

The next General Assembly will be held on Monday 8 August 2016, at 15:10. Place: Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania. See the agenda and list of candidates for further information. Meeting documents: Biennial report from the Chair, Biennial report from the Publicity Committee, Annual closing 2014 and 2015, Budget 2017-2018


Best poster and presentation NHC 2014

The NHF's prize for the best student presentation was awarded to PhD-student Masoud Irannezhad from the University of Oulu. The prize for the best poster was awarded to PhD-student Inga Retike from the University of Latvia. Congratulations.

Winners of the best paper in Hydrology Research 2014

The NHF’s large prize for 2014 was awarded to Morten Larsen, Christian Tøttrup, Eva Mätzler, Bo Naamansen, Dorthe Petersen and Kisser Thorsøe for the contribution "A satellite perspective on jökulhlaups in Greenland." The paper is published in Hydrology Research Journal Vol. 44(1), 68–77.

General Assembly 11 August 2014

All the NHF members are invited to the General Assembly that will be held 11 August 2014 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. See the agenda and list of candidates for further information. Meeting documents: Biennial report from the Chair, Biennial report from the Publicity Committee, Annual closing 2012 and 2013, Budget 2015-2016


Hydrology Research: an International Journal

The report about "Hydrology Research" from the editors Report HR


Board Meeting

The meeting was held in Copenhagen 27 November 2012. Minutes.

NHC 2012

To authors of abstracts for Nordic Water 2012: Submission of full paper to HYDROLOGY RESEARCH. [Instructions]

Best poster NHC 2012 and the winners of best paper in Hydrology Research

The NHF’s prize for the best poster was awarded to Kaisa Mustonen, a PhD student from Thule Institute/Department of Biology for the contribution “Climate change and boreal rivers: Predicting present-day patters and future changes in hydrological regime and its effects on river communities”

The NHF’s large prize for 2012 was awarded to Wei Yang, Johan Andréasson, L. Phil Graham, Jonas Olsson, Jörgen Rosberg and Fredrik Wetterhall for the contribution “Distribution-based scaling to improve usability of regional climate model projections for hydrological climate change impacts studies”. The paper is published in Hydrology Research Journal Vol. 41, No. 3-4, 211-229, 2010. Read more


Board Meeting

The meeting was held at Arlanda, Stockholm, 2011-03-11. Minutes and budget 2011-2012.


Winners of best paper in Hydrology Research

Since 1990 NHF has awarded the so-called "large prize" to the author(s) of the best paper in Hydrology Research/Nordic Hydrology originating from one of the Nordic/Baltic countries and published in the journal in one of the previous two full years.

Read about the winning papers 1990 - 2010 here.

NHC 2010

NHF’s XXVI Nordic Hydrological Conference on " Hydrology: From research to water management" was held in Riga, Latvia, 9-11 August 2010. More ...
General Assembly

Board meeting

A board meeting was held in Oslo 28-29 January. Minutes are available here.


Hydrologidag 2009

NHF in Denmark has taken a national initiative with annual meetings about hydrology called Hydrologidag (hydrology day in English). The first annual meeting was held the 22nd of October in Odense. The purpose of the national initiative is to establish a forum about hydrology as a science and bridging the gap between scientists and administrators within hydrology. More ...

Board meeting

A board meeting was held 14 May in Stockholm, Sweden. Minutes

Revision of the web site

A new layout of the web site is under development. The first version of the new page is planned to early autumn 2009. Minutes from the project meeting which was held in connection with the board meeting.


The general assembly 2008 was held in Reykjavik in connection to the XXV Nordic Hydrological Conference.

The XXV Nordic Hydrological Conference was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, August 11-13, 2008. The main theme of the conference was "Northern Hydrology and its Global Role".


A new information folder about NHF has been created.

Nordic Hydrology becomes Hydrology Research. Read the announcement and download the flyer for Hydrology Research.


NHF arranged it's XXIV Nordic Hydrological Conference on "Experiences and Challenges in implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive". The conference was held at Vingsted Centret near Vejle in Denmark, 6-9 August 2006.

The general assembly of NHF 2006 was held in connection to the conference.


NHF supported an UNESCO IHF VI workshop on "Integrated Urban Water Management in Cold Climate". It was held in Trondheim, Norway, 3-4 November 2005, with 43 participants from 11 countries. The workshop was organised by the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. Read the program of the workshop and an invited paper by Sveinn Thorolfsson.


NHF arranged its XXIII Nordic Hydrological Conference on "Fresh Water Resources Management". The conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia, 8-12 August 2004. During the conference two prices were announced:

  • The prize winner for the best article in Nordic Hydrology furing the last two years was Jan Seibert for "Reliability of model predictions outside calibration conditions", Vol. 34, No. 5, 477-492, 2003. The prize value is 10 000 SEK.
  • The prize winners for best poster presentation at NHC2004 were Eli Alfnes, Hans-Christian Udnaes and Liss M. Andreassen for "Satellite-observed snow covered area and spring flow prediction in the HBV-model". The prize value is 5 000 SEK.

The general assembly was held in Estonia on August 11 in connection to the conference. Among the discussed issues were:

  • The arrangement of seminars and workshops in between the bi-annual conferences. The aim of NHF is to define topics of special interest to the members and initiate such events. Estimated costs is therefore included in the budget. All members were invited to submit proposals of topics and possible organizing institutions to the chair person of NHF, Dan Lundquist.
  • A possible co-operation on Nordic Hydrology with the British Hydrological Society. There were not any formal protests against further negotiations on such an arrangement, but some members expressed a possible threat of loosing the Nordic focus of the journal (both in content and in the name of the journal). The board will take these opinions into consideration during any negotiations that might take place.
Participants at the Nordic Hydrological Conference 2004

Since January 2004 Nordic Hydrology is published by IWA Publishing and a free sample issue is available at http://www.iwaponline.com/nh/toc.htm