Funding for workshops and seminars, courses and similar events

NHF will support arranging of workshops, seminars, courses, and similar events that are closely connected to the Association's purpose and activities (see the statutes). The annual amount will be defined by the General Assembly.

General policy and conditions for funding

NHF board will decide the funding for the events based on applications. Funding will cover always only a part of the total costs. The applicant could be a university unit, a research institute or a non-profit organization or alike. Applications of NHF members will have priority.

Conditions for funding are:

  • Proper application for funding
  • Topics within the Nordic and Baltic hydrological framework or of international interest
  • The papers and materials or abstracts (up to 2 pages) should be found later on in NHF web-page
  • Language should be English

The plan and funding application should include

  • Title of the event
  • Topics (Nordic and Baltic hydrological framework or international importance)
  • Target group (participants by age, country, and field of interest)
  • Preliminary program and budget
  • Plans for announcing, marketing, spreading the information

The applications should be addressed to the board prior to the event. The board will decide about the funding. The funding will be paid afterwards based on the approved accounts. Annually the funding may be divided between maximum of two occations. Preference is given to Nordic/Baltic/international seminars.

Download the principles for funding as a pdf.