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Time is really flying! Two year has been passed since we met in Kaunas, Lithuania, August 2016 for NHC 2016. And the new NHC in Bergen, Norway for the XXX Nordic Hydrological Conference is just on the way.

Today’s world is full of challenges, risks and problems related to water. In recent years we have witnessed wide range of increasing events in terms of droughts from Cape Town in South Africa to Gotland in Sweden; or urban flash floods in China to Malmö in Sweden. As a hydrologist or scientist working with water related problems, we should be more than proud of ourselves since we are tackling with so many water challenges today than ever before.

“If your work is related to hydrology, you should simply be a member of NHF”! this is what we believe a strong argument for attracting new members. Unfortunately, this is not enough to attract more active members, especially the younger generations. We should find new, more innovative and effective ways for communication and networking. One example might be crowd-sourcing for water risks. Crowd-sourcing based networking has the advantages of quick and online collection and dissemination of information; Effective, large capacity building and mobilization; Community involvement and individual participation as well as innovative information flow. It is promising if the crowd-sourcing networking is seamlessly coupled to online decision-support systems that were under quick development in recent years.

During the last two years we have been trying to increase the activity level of the Nordic Association for Hydrology. One way of doing that is by supporting other activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries such as conferences, workshops and courses.

This year we will meet in Bergen, Norway for the XXX Nordic Hydrological Conference, 13-15 August under the main theme “Hydrology and water resources management in a changing world”. It will be a great pleasure to meet you all again, and I am looking forward to exciting days in Bergen with new and old hydrology friends.

Linus Zhang
July, 2018

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