From vannetinorden to

Remember Vannet i Norden –pamphlet? I do; that modest yet interesting periodical with an exciting swirl on the cover, including news about coming Nordic events and nice articles about hydrology in Nordic countries. Later, in the first NHF board meeting, which I participated - as a substitute – vannetinorden.comweb site was introduced for further development. Gradually the web site took the place of the printed journal, staying static as bedrock. Development developed, and internet started to offer networking possibilities, and also NHF took its first steps by introducing an interactive discussion forum for the registered members. The problem was that it was ahead of its time, members didn’t take the new pages as their own, the web manager got frustrated and took off – and there was no one else to blame than the one who starred at you from the mirror!

Now we are at the doorstep of a new age: you are exploring NHF modern web pages, pages that we hope to keep updated and alive for the years to come. We need you all to meet this goal, we need your comments and updates but also requirements on what you need and what you want.

On behalf of NHF, I wish you all welcome to our common web pages, made for you and for your needs!

DTech Riitta Kamula
NHF Chair from 2006