Nordic Association for Hydrology


The Nordic Association for Hydrology (NHF) is an independent body which aims at promoting hydrology as a science and at increasing the understanding of hydrology and of hydrological methods within applied sciences and water planning in the North. It has currently approximately 200 members.

NHF membership is open to all individuals and institutions/companies (a list of the Institutional members) actively interested in hydrological work or research. The statutes of NHF allow for members of the Board to represent other countries than the Nordic ones, but out of a maximum of eight board members, a minimum of five shall represent the Nordic countries. At present all the three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are also represented in the Board of NHF.

Presentations from the NHC 2018

Some of the presentations are published here.

Call for papers to special issue of Hydrology Reseach

Please, submit the paper on the journal website according to the instructions. Paper submission deadline is the 31st December, 2018. Also, please do not forget that: 1. When you submit your work to the journal for this special issue, you should choose the "Special Issue Paper" Article Type, and then select the Section/Category "Nordic Water 2018 Special Issue". 2. Papers not prepared according to instructions will be desk-rejected by the Editor or the Guest Editor and will not be reviewed.

NHC 2018: Best student presentation and poster

The NHF's prize for the best student presentation was awarded to Xue Yang from University of Oslo, Norway. The title of the presentation: "Comparing temporal and spatial variability of uncertainty sources for future runoff projections in ungauged regions". The prize for the best student poster was awarded to Arturs Veinbergs from Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. The title of the poster: "The application of digital filters and measurements upscale for identification of runoff components for the Berze river". Congratulations.

Winners of the best paper in Hydrology Research 2016-2018

The NHF’s large prize for 2016-2018 was awarded to Inese Latkovska, Elga Apsīte and Didzis Elferts for the contribution "Long-term changes of the ice regime of rivers in Latvia". The paper is published in Hydrology Research Journal Vol. 47(4) 782-798, DOI: 10.2166/nh.2016.012. Congratulations.

Nordic Hydrological Conferences through history

Summary of NHCs with links to abstracts etc.